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Helping you shoot better since 1997

I have been shooting since I was 12 years old -  the outdoors was always where I wanted to be.  Rifle shooting in the Army, especially the time I spent as a sniper, really didn’t help my shotgun shooting:  with disappointing results I gradually drifted away from shooting shotguns.

In 1995-1996, a friend and I both decided to get back into shooting again.   He was a farm manager and very keen on clay shooting and keeping control of the rabbits and pigeons on his farm.   We shot as often as we could and I soon realised that my shooting was still pretty bad.  A trip to a coach proved that my gun was not fitted to me and was shooting way too low, but my main problem was that as a rifle shooter I was stopping the gun.

I looked around to see what was available to help me practice at home and there was nothing that I thought would help, so as my background is engineering I set about designing something that I thought I could use.

And so Arrow Laser Shot, as it was later to become known, was born.

I had prototypes made and, within four months, I had a working model.   It was not as accurate as I would have liked, but it did show me my gun fit.  More importantly,  it showed that while swinging the gun with the target I was stopping the gun when I fired.  Ater a short while of intensive practice I was keeping the gun moving after I had fired.

I had thought that I was fairly knowledgeable about guns, but this showed me how much I didn’t know - so if I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew, how many other people out there were in the same boat?   With a bit of market research and re-design of my now named Arrow Laser Shot, we started selling in the UK and around the world in 1997 - designing, developing and selling our products to do just what our motto says:

“What we make helps you shoot better, since 1997”


Keith Appleton
Creator of Arrow Laser Shot