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Follow these 5 steps to improve your shooting

To improve not only your shooting but your enjoyment of shooting, there are 5 basic step by step stages (in the correct order) to go through with a little bit of checking, correction and practice, here is what you need to know and do.

1. Eye Dominance

The first thing to do before you even pick up a gun is to check and correct any problems you may have with Eye Dominance.

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2. Gun Fit

Getting your gun fitted to you and not you fighting yourself to badly fitted gun is the next step, this need not cost a lot of money, but it will pay dividends in a very short time indeed.

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3. Gun Mount

Getting a good consistent Gun Mount is an absolute must, this is the single thing that will win or lose targets, whether you shoot clay pigeons or driven game, not practicing Gun Mount, you will lose targets.

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4. Gun Swing

Gun Swing is all about following the trajectory of the target in a smooth and accurate way, practicing Gun Swing will really help achieve this.

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5. Lead or Forward Allowance

Once you have checked, tested, corrected and practiced the last 4 stages, you will be in a much stronger position to calculate or gauge the distance you need to give the target. The Lead, or Forward Allowance being the distance between the target and the Point of Impact. But once you have mastered the last 4 stages, all you need to think about is the distance in front you, need to give the target.

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