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5. Lead or Forward Allowance

You can calculate the lead or forward allowance very easily, it is simply using a very simple mathematical calculation, anyone can do that, right?????

The example shown below is for a bird travelling at 40mph at a distance of 40yards, 40mph equates to 5.87ft/sec, the shot travels at 1000ft/sec, therefore 5.87ft x 1.2sec = 7.04feet of lead or forward allowance, it is as simple as that.

Well it is a little more complicated than that but the principle is simple, you generally need an awful lot more lead than you are giving it, the complications are;

  1. What exactly is the speed
  2. What exactly is the distance
  3. Is it flying towards or going away
  4. Is it rising or dropping
  5. Is it going left or right (this does make a difference in perception of lead)

Let’s say you are at Stand 4 on a Skeet range, as a right handed shooter taking a right crosser from the Low Tower you will be “un screwing”, taking a left crosser from the High Tower you will be “screwing up”, this would mean that you may give the right crosser 2’ of lead and the left crosser 2 ½’ of lead, the lead is the same but your perception of lead is different, it is a little easier to shoot right to left than to shoot left to right.